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"We are virtually a mall where all merchants give back to schools"


Reward Education is a 100% FREE for user dynamic online portal for a community of public and private education supporters and stakeholders. Members of the community are incentivized shoppers who wish to contribute financially to their local school(s) through their online purchases. The portal channels approximately seventy percent of the income to beneficiary school(s) elected by the registered user. The rest of the money is used to market, maintain and develop the portal.


What We Do

We bring into one place an expanding, full line of online merchants and a database of public and private schools. We also bring to them, you, the incentivized shopper. We, in this way, become a highly valuable partner to online sellers because we build an outlet for their merchandise, just like shopping malls do. However, unlike shopping malls, we want to give the proceeds from merchants (think of it as rent) to the school(s) that you pick when you sign up. So, we track your online purchases at your favorite retailers to your kids' school(s) through our integrated systems when the purchase is initiated on this site. At the end of each quarter, payments are sent in your name to the schools you have on file with us. In addition, we give you tools to make your participation really count and the tools to help this community grow. Our goal is to empower the community, to build better funded schools for kids because with more money we can provide the education they deserve.


What You Do

You sign up and get an account with us. You remember to come to this site every time you want to make an online purchase. You browse our categorized merchant listings or search for a merchant you like and simply click the word "shop" in the listing to visit their site where you can shop freely. You can enjoy the same variety and discounts they offer to anyone. Rest assured, you will not pay a penny more than otherwise when using this site.
  That is it! Unless, you want to invite family and close friends who can also shop on your behalf to help you earn more rewards. We track their purchases to you, than track it to your school. You can also invite others who setup their own account to earn rewards for their own schools. Each of their reward dollar will earn you appreciation points that can be redeemed for valuable prizes or cashed-in for even more rewards for your school.


How Schools Benefit

Public and private schools across the country really need your help. Most states inadequately fund public education and private schools need to solicit donations simply because providing education is really expensive. Your shopping, when initiated through this site, will earn reward dollars that will be sent to the schools in your name with no strings attached. This means the site administrators can make decisions about spending the money where the greatest needs exist, largely circumventing the government bureaucracy in the case of public schools. The money can pay for anything, like up-to-date computer labs, wood shop supplies, science labs, libraries, networking infrastructure, even smaller class sizes; just to name few things.


How We Make a Difference

Do not underestimate the power of an organized school community. A typical elementary school has about 400-700 students. That is about 580 families on the average. Statistically, the average family in the United States spends about $322/quarter online (top 50% of online shoppers average $615 per quarter; bottom 50% average $30 per quarter; spending has averaged increases of 15-25% annually). At an average of 7.5% reward, that would result in about a $25/quarter per user donation to your school. If only 40 people from a school were to use rewardeducation.org for their online purchases, your school would be receiving a $1000 donation each quarter. An actively participating school community of about 450 users (may include aunts, uncles, grand parents, co-workers, etc.) would raise about $11250 each quarter, or roughly $45000 each year. Ask your principal what magic they could do with that kind of money!



Special Deals
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Help your kids to a better education!

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